Cutting Structures

Bit performance depends heavily on cutting structure design. Our system allows us to optimize cutting structure designs by using the proper selection and combination of insert shape, projection, diameter, and grade. By selective placement of insert and insert row location, we can modify clearances to make our cutting structures as aggressive or tough as possible.

Bearing Capacity

The “Heart” of every rotary product is its bearing. Respecting this concept, Danv continues to improve bearing designs through exact heat treatment and precise manufacturing processes.

Shirttail Protection

Shirttail designs with specific thickness allow closer placement of carbide inserts to shirttail contours.


Danv patent Hybrid series of mining tricone bits. These bits utilize our ultra-premium sealed bearing system leading to longer service life, that are particularly effective in tough drilling conditions such as hard rock applications where high pulldown is required or applications with excessive ground water.

Customized Requirements

Note:Both API and Beco thread are available. The series and sizes listed in above tables reflect the whole available ranges, please consult with Danv Tools sales representative for the detailed offerings to figure out and match what you exactly need.

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